Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Signal logic testing

JMRI Panel development

Its March 2020 and its a strange world we live in today with the COVID-19 pandemic happening globally. Most people in Australia that can work from home are working from home. The streets are quiet and the cities are empty. There is a rush on to stem the spread of the pandemic by self isolation in our homes and only venturing out to get supplies. We expect to be like this for a month.

So its time to get more work done on the railroad.

I have been working on a test JMRI panel to test NX route setting and signal logic. This will all then be built up on the main panel for the layout.

Good progress is being made. I have tested the SP signal logic from 1930 (SPTCO-1930) within JMRI. This does not give me the number of signal aspects I'm looking for to make the signals come to life.
Next I tried the AAR 1946 signal logic and this is much better as there are a number of different aspects for 2 search light type signals.
The D&H ran 3 search light signals for all home signals and dual for intermediate permissive blocks.
I will hard wire all my lower or 3 search light heads to red (to save on wiring and DCC signal driver outputs.) So in building the panel, it will show the 2 search lights that are active.

Here is the test panel that I have been working on.

The arrows in the track are part of the NX route setting. So the dispatcher selects the block to depart from and the block or signal to arrive at arrows and the panel sets the turnouts and the signals.
Rather nice feature I think..

It is working well.
There are a few bumps to iron out with the intermediate signals, but the NX routing is working a treat.

Next to move NX routing to the main panel and test it with trains on the layout.

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  1. Very nifty looks very impressive Brendan.
    Just curious, why the little bits of green track on the siding after the two white arrows?