Sunday 19 August 2018

Fairhaven Wiring Complete

D&H Electrical hard at work.

Today marked a major milestone in the build of the D&H Champlain Division (version 4.0).

The D&H electrician attended the town of Fairhaven and completed the install of the track feeders and turnout machines.

Before long the first train arrived in Fairhaven to drop of cars to the Glass Factory that is the major industry in town.

Here are a few pictures to mark the occasion.

Once the works in Fairhaven had been completed the maintenance team set about checking all automatic turnout machines to ensure that they work reliably.

After a few hours of work in adjusting turnout machines, changing throw rod's to thinner rods, all turnouts are now throwing reliably.

Now to add extra cork in the town of Whitehall between the yard tracks and print industry labels for each town industry.

Once completed then it will be time to invite the road crews over to have a layout shakedown.

Stay tuned..


  1. Great work Brendan looking forward to a visit.

  2. Congratulations Brendan. I'm also looking forward to a visit.