Sunday, 29 July 2018

Track Gangs hard at it

Willsboro track work complete

I finally managed to get out into the shed again this weekend. The first task was to pre-weather the turnout and diamond cross over that I had made. Once the pre-weathering was completed and paint was let to dry, it was onto one of the most enjoyable parts of building a railroad, the track work.

After a few hours of planning and modifications to the track layout, the town is now built.

Willsboro is a paper mill town and the primary reason for the railroad in this area is paper. The town boats a 2 track pulp wood unloading area, 2 tracks for tack cars for plant, 2 tracks for finished product such as cardboard boxes, then another track for news print rolls. As the paper mill is large it also has its own power station. As such, a power station needs loads of coal, so 2 tracks for coal. Then on the other side of the main line is storage tracks to store box cars for the paper mill.

See the following pics.

Track power and turnout machines are yet to be installed. That's a job for next weekend.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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  1. Great work as usual Brendan. Boy that is a big yard somebody will spend a whole ops session just in there.