Sunday, 22 July 2018

Diamond build

Hand Laid Diamond

As the town of Fairhaven has a large glass manufacturing facility, the town needs a diamond cross over to enable additional locations to set our cars. As I'm using hand laid FastTracks #6 turnouts, none of the Atlas code 55 diamonds match the geometry of the FastTracks #6's. Therefore I needed to make my own. I had built a diamond 12 months ago using the paper template and used the slotted rail technique . This worked fairly well until I dropped the diamond into my lap and bent it and effectively destroyed 4 hours of work. This time I used the normal method to build the diamond by bending the 2 outside rails and building from there. Attached are the pictures of the diamond and it turned out nicely. The paper template has extra check rails draw on it, however, I dont think they are needed so did not install them. I used an Atlas Code55 diamond as a guide.

Here are the pictures of the completed product.

I have also added the wooden ties to the last set of 18 turnouts that I built. Here are a few examples.

Now to weather them and get back to track laying.

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