Monday, 1 May 2017

Upper Level Main Line Complete

Upper level main line and upper staging complete

Over the weekend, I managed to complete the install of the main line and upper staging track work. Then I installed the 6 x MP1 turnout machines and powered them up. Then track power was completed along the main line and all through staging.

The upper staging has the same design and number of tracks as the lower staging, however, it has longer holding tracks than the lower staging. The train length is limited by the passing sidings on the main line around the layout to 2 loco's and 18 x 50ft cars plus a caboose. The 50 car train I have in the pictures can be stored on either of 2 loop tracks in upper and lower staging for then the need for a nice long train arises.

Here are some pictures of a 50 car train rolling over the new main line.

Now to make a start on some passing sidings in the towns to then enable me to open the shed for the guys to come and sample the new D&H..

Stay tuned..


  1. Nice work young master. Atlas turnouts!

    1. Rod. Thanks... Yep Atlas turnouts only in staging and upper level as they wont be easily seen. The rest will be hand laid.

  2. Thanks for the update Brendan. I'm looking forward to making the trip over to see this layout. In the 9th photo (train on the helix) is that both ends of your 50-car train going downhill? How well did it go uphill?

    1. Ron,
      Yep thats the front under the caboose. The 3 x U30C's easily pull the train. In fact 1 x U30C will pull the 50 car hopper train up the 2% grade.