Wednesday, 18 May 2016

More railway room build progress

No point standing around.

As I have all the materials I need, I was able to get cracking over the last 3 days and have now installed the ceiling, moved the fluro light from the garage ceiling to inside the railway room and have installed 70% of the sheets on the walls.
I was able to install the sheets in such a way so that the holes for the screws in the sheets from the old shed are not going to be in the view of the new layout. (well 99% of them anyway.)

The other task completed today was a sheet of heavy duty plastic was installed on the ceiling or cut out section under and near the roller door. While the door will rarely get direct rain as it is facing east, it will still get wet. So the intention of the thick black plastic is that if / when the door gets wet and is operated, then the drips will fall on the plastic and then run down the outer wall rather than pool and come through the ceiling above the layout.

The first 3 pictures are the ceiling progress

The following are the progress of the walls.

Now I just need to install a few narrow pieces around the door way, a sheet against the brick work and the lower 2 sheets.

Then it will be painting time.

Stay tuned...


  1. Nice progress, Brendan. Thanks for the update.

  2. Fast work as usual. Are you going to curve the corners for your backdrop it will make the room look a lot bigger if you do.

  3. 6mm plaster sheet Brendan, then you can curve the backdrop with ease. I got mine from a local plaster supplier and comes in the usual sheet lengths & width too.
    Great progress as usual and you will running trains again with this pace. Jas...