Wednesday, 17 September 2014

More Electrical work - Turnout Panel revisions

Panels and more panels.

After my initial open shed and layout shake down, I had my version 1.0 panels installed on the layout but found that the buttons were too close together.

I set up each town to have one turnout panel and have now revised that to be 2 panels per town. I have now made up new panels and have made two per town. This enables the engineer to use a panel that is local to the turnouts that are located at each end of the town.

By making new panels, this has enabled the buttons to be spread out more and this then makes it easier to find the right button.

The panels are temporarily mounted on the front of the layout. Once the fascia is installed they will be mounted in the fascia and set back slightly so that the buttons can not be accidentally pushed when a person walks past the location. So the panels will not be so close to the main deck of the layout.
I have also separated the staging panels so that the button for each staging track. This enables a engineer to just line up the turnouts to exit the staging with out effective the return loop end.

Here are a few pictures of the new panels.

In my next update, I will provide info on the new dispatcher phone system.

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  1. Hi Brendan
    The new panels look very smart. Should be a lot easier to use now.