Monday, 29 July 2013

Demolition Complete

Demolition of the D&H 2nd Sub is now complete.

In readiness for the new layout, the old layout needed to be demolished.
This week has seen the completion of the demolition work.

The D&H 2nd Sub is now a fallen flag.
The layout design was started back in early 2008 and took a few years to complete before it was placed in storage while we built our new home and the new shed.

It came out of storage in 2013 and the signalling work was completed in time for the 2013 N Australian N scale convention here in Melbourne. The layout was well received and I received many nice comments about the work I had done.

But alas, time moves on and the new 7.5m x 6m shed is calling to be filled with a new layout. Therefore the old D&H 2nd Sub had to go.

I completed the removal of all the electrical components last week.
Here are a few progress pictures.

Then it came time to start reclaiming the Atlas Code 55 track.

Her is the first piece of track being lifted.

Work continued at a fever pace and before long 4 modules had been completely demolished and all track recovered.
Then finally the main yard on the 5th module was started.

Then before long the final piece of track was removed.

Then the final module, like its 4 sisters was reduced to a pile of timber.

All that is left is the old staging yard that will be reused on the new layout as it is, all be it longer.

Now all the wire, track and parts are in the piles ready to be cleaned up and reused.


Good bye to the D&H 2nd Sub.. I learnt a few good lessons in the last 5 or so years that will be put to good use on the new layout.

Stay tuned for the next update on the progress of the new layout.

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