Thursday 27 June 2013

Revisions and more revisions

Revision time!.

Since my last post I have been pondering over this plan for a week or so now and after a few suggestions from friends and also from "The Rail Wire" forum, I made a few changes to get the isle widths wider than I had them.

I made a slight revision to the staging and am now happy with the way Whitehall is looking also.

I now have a branch line to Corinth and reversed the town names so they fit in better.

Here are the revised versions..

Here is the main deck.

And here is the staging level.

The dispatchers desk has been included.
Also the height from the floor to the main level is 1400mm. In some places it reduces to 1320mm and staging is at 1100mm.

In most cases the isle widths is around the 800mm or more mark.

Now to find someone with a A0 plotter to print it 1:1 for me..


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