Saturday, 24 October 2020

GHQ Dozer build

 Hmm.. Missing parts.

Today, while procrastinating about developing a schedule and the card packs for the layout I came across a GHQ Bulldozer kit that I purchased many years ago and decided to build it.

All was going swimmingly well until I found that I was missing the main front blade and arms from the dozer. After a careful search of the area where I cut over the blister pack, the part, the is probably the biggest part of the whole kit is missing.. Darn it!.

I continued to build the the dozer with the parts I have and have contacted GHQ to see if a part can be sent. If not, then the dozer can be placed on a well car or flat car and be a load (once painted).

Now back to those car card packs.


  1. Bugger. I found it hard to find a paint color to match Cat.
    I'll see what I used that I think came out okay and let you know if that helps.

  2. GHQ has great customer service, they’ll fix it for you.

  3. No reply from GHQ as yet. Have emailed them again.