Monday 29 January 2018

Port Henry Track Work Complete

Track gang arrives in Pt Henry

Over the last week or so I managed to get back into the shed to complete some more track work. This time Port Henry was the focus.

Port Henry now boasts 7 industrial spurs and will be a busy town to switch once operating sessions come to the D&H.

All track work, track power and turnout machines have been installed in Port Henry.

The keen eye will notice the addition of a few buildings in town. These are not the final buildings for the locations. These are being used to get a feel for what the town may look like.

Port Henry will have the following industries:

  • Small rural Coal dealership
  • Pt Henry doors - 2 spurs
  • Lay-z-boy chairs
  • General foods crop
  • Scrap glass loading 
  • Scrap steel merchant

Now to make another 9 turnouts for Willsboro. Then the track gang can progress to Willsboro to start work.

Stay tuned.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the progress Brendan, and getting to switch this area too. I'm back into tomorrow as well with the boys back at school. Jas.

  2. Nice work Brendan and nice buildings also.

  3. Just wanted to say hello from Virginia USA. I am modeling the D&H Saratoga (3rd) Division in N scale as well, from Whitehall south to Gansevoort. Time frame is 1968. Benchwork is built, most track is in but there are still some branchlines and lineside industries to install. We hold monthly ops sessions. Your layout looks great and I enjoy reading your posts. Great to see another D&H modeler! Too bad we're on opposite ends of the globe! Cheers! Chris Artale, Madison, Virginia

  4. Chris, thanks for the comments. If you have a blog or a web page to show progress then please share.