Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dark ceiling and light

Let there be light!

Last week I set to painting the ceiling where the walk ways are from sky blue to black.
Now the valance is installed and the walk way ceiling is painted the room is starting to look really nice.!

Now that the valance is done and the painting is done, it is time to start installing or reinstalling the lights.

As I set the lights close to the wall to enable the main part of the construction to be completed, they were going to be in the wrong place (aka to close to the wall and not near the back of the valance). I then removed all the lights that had been installed and set about installing the lights just behind the valance. This will ensure that any trains near the front of the layout have adequate light and wont cast shadows.

As I only have enough fluro's for about 1/3rd of the room, I set to installing them up to a natural dividing point. The rest of the layout room will be bathed in light from 5 meter LED strips.

The LED strips have 300 x 5050 type cool white LED's within the 5 meter length. These new LED's are fantastic. They really light up the part of the layout nicely. As I only have a test 5m roll that is warm white (I goofed when I ordered it) I temporarily clipped it up under the valance. I'm very confident that I only need 1 line of these LED strips behind the valance around the rest of the layout and for $20 per 5m strip they are significantly cheaper than fluro lights.

Here are a few progress pics of the lights (fluro's) that are installed now.
I have ordered some cool white LED strips via eBay and am eagerly waiting for them to arrive..

Soon it will be time to start on the staging.. Im looking forward to that!...

Stay tunned for more updates.


  1. Looking very nice indeed Brendan

  2. Nice job on the LED's Brendan, I tried them myself and was left disappointed. Would be interested to see which ones you are actually using. Going to be a very nice layout when completed.